Greenberry Organics Brazilian Rainforest Green Clay Mask | Skin Healer and Natural Astringent | Normal to Oily Skin (50 GMS)-Pack of 4

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Indulge in the beautiful goodness of my precious actives which can do wonders for your skin. I am made with the goodness of French green clay and Brazilian green clay to give uplift your skin, clean those pores and brighten the face. I contain the precious actives of green apple, tea tree & green tea which combine to form a miracle skin elixir relieving your skin of excess oil, pigmentation, acne and pimple eruptions. This face mask is a congregation of natural actives and herbs mixed with the blend of Ayurveda and apothecary to the perfection of giving you a glow every time. Relieve from stress and say goodbye to all your skin worries like pigmentation, acne and pimple eruptions with this green clay face mask.

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