Greenberry Organics Tea Tree Oil for Face Body & Hair & SPF 50+ plus Sunscreen Gel Pack of 2

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Greenberry Organics stands as a brand with a purpose to ensure quality and natural beauty solutions and maintain a macro focus on our consumers. We believe in transparency, small-batch productions, safeguarding the environment, standardization of products, and using the only natural trusted ECOCERT & USDA ingredients that don’t contain harsh chemicals. We follow the "Make in India" initiative where all of our ingredients are sourced from different parts of India by using the power of Ayurveda and Apothecary.


  • Don't fear the sun anymore: Go out in confidence as you no longer have to worry about the sun now. The all-new SPF 50+ recharged sunscreen with PA+++ protection gives an immense upliftment to the skin while protecting it from both UVA and UVB rays.
  • Soothes the skin, protects the skin and is extra lightweight to avoid any greasy feeling that might come. Suitable for all skin types with other perfection and suitability for acne, dry, oily, and damaged skin types.
    A pure blend of aromatherapeutic Tea Tree Oil meant for Hair, Skin & Body
    Use it in the regular bath by mixing in water, Use it on the skin by mixing it with your favourite cream or moisturiser, Use it on Hair by mixing it with your favourite conditioner or shampoo
  • Greenberry Organics SPF 50+ Sunscreen Gel
    Ingredients - Aloe Vera Gel* (USDA Certified Organic), Cucumber Extract* (USDA Certified Organic), Ruvex BMO, Titanium Oxide, Zinc Oxide, Microcare PEHG, Tinovis ADE, Almond Oil* (USDA Certified Organic), Mango Butter* (USDA Certified Organic), Shea Butter* (USDA Certified Organic), Aqua, Neroli* (USDA Certified Organic), Green Tea Extracts* (USDA Certified Organic)
  • Greenberry Organics Organic Tea Tree Oil
    Organic Tea Tree Oil

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