Greenberry Organics Green Tea & Tea Tree Skin Toner, Anti - Acne & Skin Calming, With Aloe Vera, Glycerine & Witch Hazel Unisex, All Skin Types - 120 ML x 5

Sale price₹ 2,995.00


Enjoy the super burst of freshness on your skin with each spray of mine. I am made with the natural extracts of green tea, tea tree, aloevera & glycerine. I am prepared to provide natural astringent to your skin so that it can be cleansed and glows naturally. The superfood ingredients in me make sure that your skin is toned, supple and bright as a star. The product is a perfect combination of all illuminating skin ingredients which are filled with natural astringent abilities. The toner shall cleanse, lighten and tighten the pores on the face helping to clear out excess oil from the sebum and reducing the signs of acne inflammation.

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