Greenberry Organics SPF 40+ Sunscreen Spray Lotion with Argan, Vanilla & Shea Butter, UVA UVB Protection, Anti Tan, Unisex & All Skin Types, Pack of 5, 120 ML x 5 Bottles

Sale price₹ 3,495.00


Please don't shy away from Mr Sun when I am with you! The revamped and recharged improved version of me contains the goodness of olive, jojoba, argan and shea butter. I smell so fantastically well that you can go on and on and spray me a couple of times all over your body. Massage me well throughout the body, and I shall protect you from all those harmful UVA and UVB rays. Spray me all over your face and body, but please be careful around your eyes, nostrils and mouth as you cannot ingest me! Massage me well on your face and body till wholly absorbed! Enjoy my moisturisation and sun protection for up to 6 hours at a stretch. Reapply if you're planning to take a swim or shower!

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