Gynocup Combo Menstrual Cup & Wipes - 10 Units X 1 Pack - Medium

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  • Menstrual Cup – (1 Unit)
  • Natural Intimate Wipes (10 Units X 1 Pack)
  • 100% Cotton Cup Carrying Pouch

Gynocup Menstrual Cup
GynoCup is a silicon-based, advanced menstrual cup for a worry-free period. It is leak-proof, economical and reusable. The menstrual cup collects menstrual fluid inside it, instead of absorbing it, making it a safer method than pads and tampons. Once you overcome the minor learning curve, it is very convenient to use. In fact, you wouldn’t even know it’s there.


  • No menstrual odor, irritation, dryness, discomfort, itching, or rashes (caused by sanitary napkin pads). Covers heaviest to lightest flow.

  • Spill and Leak-Proof
    Made with 100% medical-grade silicone, the cups are highly flexible to fit perfectly and collect blood without spillage. The rim of the cup creates a seal around your vaginal walls ensuring leak-free protection.

  • Long-Lasting and Economical
    Provides up to 10 hours leak proof-protection. With proper care and good cleansing, it is reusable for as long as 5 years.

  •  Suitable For
    You can wear Gynocup menstrual cup during all physical activities and even overnight. It is an ideal menstrual aid for all kinds of sports, including traveling, swimming, cycling, diving, trekking, dancing, climbing, or common daily usage. It has no wings or strings and leaves no residual fibers.


  • Wash your hands and cup well with warm water.
  • Press the sides of the cup together, then fold it in half again.
  • Hold the folded sides firmly between your thumb and forefinger.
  • Relax, gently separate the lip with your free hand and then push the curved edge of the folded cup into the opening.
  • Dispose of the menstrual fluid inappropriate place.
  • Clean the GynoCup with normal water from inside and outside.
  • *Take 5-6 drops of GynoCup cleaning liquid.

Natural Intimate Wipes - Set-10 Sachets Wipes
Made with natural ingredients, GynoCup Natural Intimate Refreshing & Clean Wipes keep you feeling clean on the go. Our ultra-soft, gentle wipes are formulated for sensitive skin and are great for all skin types. Perfect for cleansing during your period, after workouts, and any time you want a just-showered feeling. Includes 10 wipes in a convenient, travel-sized pouch.


  • Simply wipe your GynoCup clean and make sure to let it dry completely before re-inserting. Remember to also wash your hands.

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