Hair Spray – Strong Hold, Styling with Nourishment, 180ml

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Man Arden Hair Spray gives you the freedom of styling your hair without worrying about hair damage. Enriched with natural moisturizing and nourishing ingredients, it is a unique formulation that supports style with nourishment. The unmanageable and even hard to hold fine hair can be tamed and kept in place for hours with this non-greasy hair spray. It gives your hair the extra strong hold it needs to preserve your hairstyle for hours without any stickiness. Hair feels naturally soft and boasts a smooth naturally shiny flawless look throughout the day.

You can apply it and also rinse it off with ease. Argan Oil for Healthy Hair Argan oil is one of the best natural hair conditioners. It keeps hair hydrated and healthy, and adds natural sheen to the locks. It provides relief from hair dryness, and leaves hair smooth and soft. Furthermore, it protects the hair from the harmful effect of exposure to UV rays and pollution. With the inclusion of argan oil in the hair spray, hair looks and feels smooth and healthy all the time.

Bhringraj for Controlling Hair Fall Your hair retains its natural thickness with the help of the nutrients it receives from Bhringraj oil present in the hair spray. Bhringraj is a time-tested herbal remedy for hair fall. It is known to stimulate hair growth. Long Lasting Hold without Stiffness The fast drying spray quickly locks in the style and holds it for hours. It works on hair without making the hair strand stiff. Your hair feels smooth to touch and maintains its natural movement. Devoid of harmful ingredients, it is absolutely safe for your hair. Regardless of your hair type and style, Man Arden Hair Spray is perfect for use in all conditions.

Manage your desired hairstyle throughout the day with Man Arden Hair Spray

Gives hair the extra strong hold needed for maintaining hairstyle, taming flyways, controlling frizzes. Does not make hair stiff and sticky. Gives hair natural shine.

Helps maintain hairstyle in all weather conditions. Suits all types of hair.

Argan oil keeps hair smooth, conditioned and healthy.

Free from chemicals harmful for hair health. Safe even for daily use. Bhringraj oil helps inhibit hair loss and supports hair growth.

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