Pink Woolf Handmade Soap Bar – Activated Charcoal & Ylang Ylang 125gm

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The Pink Woolf Charcoal & Ylang Ylang Handmade Soap Bar is perfect for days when you want to thoroughly cleanse your body at the end of a grimy day. Combined with Ylang Ylang, the handmade soap bar is your answer to pull unwanted excess oils & dirt from your skin plus do wonders for its health & appearance.


The Charcoal & Ylang Ylang Handmade Soap Bar helps reduce acne, reduces pore size, and gently exfoliates while Ylang Ylang essential oil works as a skin healer.


Nature doesn’t only provide us with ingredients, it is our inspiration and source of infinite wonders. All our personal grooming and skincare essentials are packed with powerful natural ingredients that ensure long-lasting benefits to your skin.

You get the benefit of de-stress, de-stressing, anti-pollution, tones your skin pores, without any chemicals. This gives a long-lasting effect and experience and glow. Tones your skin, makes your skin supple, and heals sunburns.

The powerhouse charcoal & ylang ylang bath soap is an effective combination that has been using for many generations. It is also the 6th step in our ManCare solution to cleanse your skin and a perfect way to end your day before you sleep OR before you start your day.  Wash away the dirt & grime of the day.


Wet skin with water.  Gently apply soap and create a lather.  Leave on for a few minutes. Rinse with cold water to activate circulation, tone skin, and close pores.


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