La Flora Organics “Himalayan Flowers”-Detox Aromatic Bath & Foot Soak

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Relax, hydrate and soak your skin in loads of minerals with one of the purest & oldest salts on our planet, “Himalayan pink salts.” together with Epsom salt or Magnesium sulphate and real rose petals infused with rose essential Oil & lavender buds. Soak in the best of saline goodness, wind down and relax with the romantic & uplifting aroma of this luxurious bath salt.


Detoxification: The ionic salt solution with pink salt & Epsom salt or Magnesium sulphate helps to flush out toxins from body tissues and heavy metals from skin cells.

Dermal absorption: Himalayan Pink salt with known 84 natural trace elements & minerals in it and the wonderful Magnesium & sulphates in Epsom salt, a warm salt bath soak can help the body easily absorb these vital minerals for its various needs through the skin. This will help you feel nourished & refreshed.

Better Skin Hydration for soft, supple skin: Salts help to plump up your skin, purifies the pores from within and creates a natural protective film on the skin giving it a youthful glow. Salts together can help combat water retention and stop bloating.

Soothes skin inflammation, blisters & sores: with antiseptic, antibacterial properties and high mineral content these salts helps to give relief from skin irritations, disorders like eczema, acne, psoriasis. Helps to heal insect bites & blisters.

Relax muscle aches, Arthritis & numbness: Magnesium in Epsom salt and various minerals in Himalayan salt helps to relax and provides relief to cramped muscles, arthritis and muscle aches. It helps to boost circulation, improves nerve function, reduces stress and gives you increased relaxation.

The floral, sweet, aphrodisiac aroma from rose & Lavender oil & real country rose petals & Kashmir Lavender buds in this bath salt can help boost libido & confidence. It helps to stimulate balance and harmony in you to create a sense of well being.


Bathtub soak: Add 9 to 10 spoons or appx 40 gms of salt as the running warm water is just filling in. Temp ideally should be warm and not HOT. Mix the salts well in the water. Just soak in, lie back, enjoy the aroma, relax for 15 to 20 minutes for a good detox effect.

As a Foot soak: Take a large bowl or basin that’s filled ¾ with warm water. Add 5/6 spoonful of salts in and mix well. Dip your feet in, let it soak for 15/20 minutes, sit back, relax to get relief from achy, smelly feet.

Foot scrub: Take 2/3 spoons in a bowl. Add any Pure Olive Oil or Coconut oil and make a paste. Apply all over your feet and scrub gently focussing on heel areas, between toes & foot surface. Leave the paste on for a while. Rinse off. Pat dry.

Ideally use before bedtime so that you can really relax after detoxification. Avoid using bath salts if you are pregnant, severely dehydrated, have high blood pressure or open sores. Drink a glass of water before and after using to keep yourself hydrated.


Pure Himalayan Pink rock salt crystals & powder, Epsom Salt(Magnesium Sulphate), Essential oils of Rose & Lavender, dried Country Rose petals & Kashmir Lavender buds. Contains NO synthetic additives/colourants.

Net Wt:300 gms


Keep salts away from air & moisture contamination which may cause the salts to form lumps. Use a dry spoon each time.


For external use only. 100% Natural product, if allergic to any ingredients then pls skin test before use. This product is not a cure for any illness or any disease.



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