Indigo Leaf Powder (Ayurvedic Name:- Suraga/Sunila)

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Whether you want to color your hair to cover grey, or just want to have fun trying a new color, dyeing hair with chemical ingredients seems like the easiest solution. Unfortunately, such baneful substances irritate your scalp and cause other skin and hair problems. Even the so-called Ammonia-free hair colors have harmful chemicals. These chemicals will damage the strength and diminish the luster of your hair.

Sutatva Indigo hair color gives you total freedom from chemicals. Indigo powder is a dye that comes from the crushed leaves of the indigo plant. It is a natural dye that you can use to color your hair or beard, with or without henna. It is green in appearance.


  • Treats and prevents premature greying.

  • Leads to new hair growth and treat baldness.

  • Treats dandruff and conditions your hair.

  • Makes the hair shiny and soothes the scalp.

  • Covers grey hair.

  • You can go from black to brown by combining it with henna.

Organic Indigo leaf powder.

First apply the pure henna to the hair that will dye your hair orange-red , then wash hair, soak indigo in warm water, apply all over the hair This will give you a deep black color with a wonderful shine.
*Note - If you only apply indigo powder on gray hair, it will have little to no color. Indigo powder is best used in combination with henna or after dying your hair with henna.

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