GLAMVEDA Korean Sheet Mask-Set Of 8 Sheet Mask-Gift Box

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Introducing Korean sheet masks by Glamveda. Korean skincare is one of the biggest trends in beauty and self-care right now, especially a seemingly endless variety of beauty sheet masks that address all skin concerns. Whether you have oily, dry, or combination skin, or just seeking that extra dewy skin, Glamveda Korean Sheet Masks are here to address all your skin's issues. And better yet, you can get these in a pack of 8!


  • Naturally-derived 100% High Functional Cellulose Tencel Sheet 
  • Contains single-use face masks
  • Brightens and Rejuvenates
  • Packed with Nutrition & Antioxidants
  • Moisturizes skin and improves skin's elasticity
  • Gives smooth, hydrated, and nourished skin
  • Free from Parabens, Sulphates, Aldehyde, Artificial colorants
  • Vegan-friendly and Cruelty-free ingredients
  • Pack contains 8 face mask sheet
  • Formulated by one of the leading natural skin experts in South Korea.


  • After facial cleansing, soothe your face with routine tonic lotion.
  • Take out the sheet from the pouch and unfold it. Then place it onto your face to fit your facial contours.
  • Leave it undisturbed for 30-40 minutes or until all the nutrition is absorbed.
  • Then discard the mask and gently pat for further absorption.

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