Mom & World Liquid Cleanser, Fruit & Veg Wash, 500ml

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Mom & World Liquid Cleanser + Fruit & Veg Wash is a natural ingredient based disinfectant and cleanser that cleans everything that the baby uses. It cleanses all surfaces such as baby bottles, feeding accessories, toys, & vegetables thoroughly while providing just the kind of care that the baby needs. The product is natural, gentle, and effective. It is a pH-balanced formulation that helps get rid of unpleasant odour and banishes germs from all the things that come in regular contact with the baby. It can clean everything from feeding bottles to pacifiers, dishes, toys, vegetables, and fruits. The liquid cleanser contains Lemon that is a natural disinfectant. It is effective in removing stains and unpleasant odour. The powerful properties of Neem help destroy germs present in the feeding utensils, accessories and toys, and fruits and vegetables. It is a toxin-free cleanser made up of food-safe ingredients. The Mom & World Liquid Cleanser+Fruit & Veg Wash is fully biodegradable and contains no artificial fragrance. It is a trusted product that you can count on for your little one’s 100% safety.


  • Mom & World Liquid Cleanser+Fruit & Veg Wash is a powerful liquid cleanser made of 100% safe, natural purifying ingredients. It thoroughly washes the baby’s feeding accessories and removes the odour left behind by milk, food, fruits, and vegetables.
  • The Liquid Cleanser can also be used to wash toys and other accessories, ensuring the safest and best care for your child. It is made with naturally-derived ingredients keeping in mind the safety & hygiene of babies.
  • It contains Neem that is cleaning in nature and helps kill disease-causing bacteria and ensures your baby’s health. Lemon acts as a natural preservative that helps keep the cleanser effective for a long time.
  • The Liquid Cleanser + Fruit & Veg Wash is non-toxic and antibacterial in nature that helps in removing residues of pesticides, fertilizers, and other chemicals that may be present on the fruits & vegetables.
  • It helps prevent harmful germs from getting near your baby. It is free from SLS/SLES, Parabens, Silicones, and other potentially hazardous chemicals.


  • Lemon 
  • Neem

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