Lujobox Seer Secrets Age Defying Contouring Masque and Almond Butter Scrub combo by Lujobox

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Product Description:-

Seer Secrets Almond Butter Scrub (100 gm)::

Experience an intense exfoliation with Seer Secrets Luxurious Milking Almond Butter Scrub. This effective formulation smoothes and softens skin and is designed to buff away dead skin cells and leaves the skin feeling soft.

Seer Secrets Age-Defying Contouring Masque(40 gm)::

Seer Secrets Age-Defying Contouring Masque High Mountain Shilajit & Fulvic acid is packed with nutrients and minerals leached in by the rocks. The formulation helps regenerate and revitalize skin cells.

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