MANCODE Aloe Vera Gel, 100gm

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Aloe vera is an ingredient added to many beauty & cosmetics products due to its healing properties. It moisturizes dry skin is without leaving greasy feelings and leaves it smooth and soft. It has antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that heal your skin of sunburns, scars, acne, or blemishes. Post waxing gel and aftershave or as soothing relief from sunburn. This product is both alcohol and ethanol-free.

  • Aloe vera, also known as the ‘Wonder Plant,’ is rich in Vitamin A, C, Enzymes, and Antioxidants, which gives it an anti-inflammatory property. It imparts deep moisturization to the skin and helps in treating burns, acne, dryness, and various other skin and hair-related problems.
  • When applied to the skin, Citric acid helps remove pigmentation, dead skin cells, and speed up cell renewal. It also eliminates the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, acne scars, and uneven skin tone.
  • Aloe vera gel is being used since ancient times in several cultures across the globe for skin & hair care. The ancient wisdom of cosmetology has been combined with modern technology to maximize the benefits of the aloe vera gel and to ease its use.
  • This product is made to suit all skin types. This aloe vera gel is a unisex product and is beneficial for all skin types. It can help you treat many skin problems like dry skin, reduces stretch marks, and prevents premature aging.
  • Hydrates & Moisturizes the Skin, Anti-Inflammatory Properties, Repairs Skin Damage Paraben Free, Sulphate Free, Ideal for men


  • Hydrating
  • Moisturizing
  • Damage repair
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Reduces constipation
  • Prevent wrinkles


  • Apply aloe vera gel gently with your fingertips
  • Massage with fingers in the circular motion
  • Rinse off and pat dry with a soft towel

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