Mancode Bath Essentials, Intimate Wash 100ml for Intence Care and Charcoal Soap 125gr with Detoxifying Charcoal Extract Formulated for Men combo of 2

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Mancode Intimate Wash take care of your Intimate Areas just as much as you like taking care of your Face with MANCODE Intimate Wash. Infused with Active Ingrediants like AloeVera Extract, Tea Tree Oil make sure that you are clean & feel Awesome Always. Soap contains many natural compounds that effectively help to treat acne. It kills off bacteria that cause pores to become infected. The Green French clay helps to dry up excess sebum from the skin. A deep cleansing & detoxifying bar with the benefits of activated charcoal & moisturizing properties of shea butter & wheat germ oil draws out impurities & toxins from deep within the pores, thus giving you a clear and flawless looking skin. Activated charcoal is indeed a blessing to mankind, it’s dexotixing properties are completely unbeatable. Shea butter on the other hand, gives your skin its much needed dose of moisturization. Rest assured, these soaps do no contain any harsh or skin damaging chemicals. The texture of this soap is soft and is best suitable for oily and combination skin. This is an ayurvedic formulation with researched and useful ingredients.

  • Promotes Clean Intimate Area As already mentioned, all the natural ingredients used helps to ensure a clean and infection free area by penis clean liquid. After using this product, you will realize why we are recommending it so much.
  • Maintains pH Balance The natural ingredients ensures that the pH balance is maintained at all the times. You will not experience any kind of dryness. The private part will always remain soft, smooth and supple.
  • Makes You Feel Confident When you have an odor free, soft and supple private part, you are sure to feel more confident about yourself. There are no irritation or skin rashes. Wear whatever you want, there is nothing to worry about.
  • Natural Herbal Product This is a product that is made using Tea Tree Oil, Neem, and Aloe Vera so that bad odor and infections are a problem of the past. Neem is a natural Penis wash disinfectant hence it does not all any bacteria or germs to service in your private area. Aloe vera moisturizes your soft private part giving it a smooth texture.

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