Mancode Shaving Essentials, Pre Shave Balm and After Shave Balm to give Luxury Shaving Experience, 100gm combo of 2

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A Classic Pre-Shave Balm is Vital Part of Shaving Regimen. Softens & prepares the skin to ensure a closer & comfortable shaving experience. It is formulated with unique blend of botanical Ingrediants & Essential Oils. The Anti-Irritation Formula Blend of Turmuric, AloeVera, Chamomile Oil, Lemon Oil & Spearmint Oil to sooth, hydrate & safeguard skin after shaving. It combines the benefits of Balm, which refreshes & revitalizes the skin, with that of soothing, yet light weight balm. It is the ideal way to calm redness or irritation caused by shaving. This Outstanding Pre Shave & After Shave Balm of the brand MANCODE utilizes the many benefits of antioxidant-rich, naturally-derived Ingridients It will give you an exceptional Pre & After Shave Experience,

  • WORKS WITH SENSITIVE SKIN: Better for the skin than typical shaving cream. This Pre & After Shave Balm revitalizes and preps the skin with all in one extreme glide. “
  • Mancode Pre Shave Balm – The Mancode Pre Shaving Balm, softens and straightens the hairs, which will make it easier to apply the shaving cream to your beard and pre-conditions the skin.
  • Mancode After Shave Balm – The Mancode After Shave Balm Helps to Reduce Appearance of Redness, With Safe, Natural, and Plant-Derived Ingredients, Soothes Skin, this Mancode After Shave Balm is also Paraben Free.
  • This Mancode Pre & After Shave Balm will help you to reduce the appearance of redness, and keep your skin looking and feeling healthy all day. A little goes a long way.

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