Mancode Tea Tree Scrub and Color Corrector Facial Serum, 100gr Tea Tree Scrub & 50ml Color Corrector Serum for Glowing & Fresh Skin combo of 2

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MANCODE Tea Tree Scrub gently exfoliates leaving your face silky and smooth. With the healing properties of Tea Tree Oil & Neem Extract which is greater for almost all skin type and helps in fighting acne while Chamomile & AloeVera soothes Skin Irritation. MANCODE Color Corrector Serum visibly corrects dark spots & combats the appearance of pigmentation for an even and luminous complexion. This multi-correcting facial & under Eye Serum contains Alpha Arbutin, a natural skin lightening agent which prevents the synthesis of pigments Melanin. Vitamin C & Lemon Oil are powerful antioxidants that help decrease the appearance of Pigmentation. Caffeine reduces puffiness associated with Dark Circles under the eyes. The facial serum contains no nasty chemicals and is completely safe & gentle on the skin.

  • Free Radical Damage Using a face serum can reverse the process of aging and the good news is that it’s never too late! Serum with antioxidant boosting ingredients such as cucumber and vitamin C; or hydrating ingredients such as aloe vera greatly reduces the appearance of aging.
  • Brightens Complexion Serums provide an overall, brighter complexion and an even skin tone, repairing the layers of skin with even the most stubborn scars and damage. Diminishes Acne Scars Acne is something that affects 80% of the population at some point in an individual’s life. A good serum can reduce even old acne scaring from those days of puberty.
  • Limits Breakouts Face serums are great for this issue because they are highly hydrating. The more healthy hydration your skin receives, the less oil your skin will need to produce.
  • Mancode Tea Tree exfoliating scrub is specially formulated with tea tree oil, renowned for its natural ‬‬‬‬‬‬‭purifying properties, to help promote ‬‬‬‭a clearer, healthier-looking complexion. It also contains ‬‬‬‭natural walnut shell granules, which gently exfoliate ‬‬‬‭and smooth the skin, while a burst of peppermint oil ‬‬‬helps ‭leave the skin feeling ultra clean and refreshed.‬‬‬ Benefits ‭Superdrug tea tree range – a gentle, yet effective anti-blemish solution.
  • This tea tree scrub is ideal for spot-prone or teenage skin. It will gently slough away dead skin cells, helping your skin to breathe, whilst simultaneously helping combat acne, spots and blemishes. Combats breakouts and visibly improves the overall condition of the skin. Targets breakouts to help maintain clearer-looking skin.

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