La Flora Organics Natural Vetiver Bath Scrubber Sponge Pad - Combo of 2

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Set of two Natural Bath Scrubber sponge pads made using the roots of  Vettriver (Ramacham/Khus Khus grass).

  • Natural,farm-fresh Vetiver grass, dried and cut and then carefully sewn together with cotton fabric to make these Bath loofah pads.
  • Use the scrubber sponge pad at bath time to gently exfoliate, rejuvenate and polish your skin.
  • It helps to remove dead cells, prevents acne, pimples, prickly heat and improves the blood circulation on the skin surface.
  • Unlike the commercial plastic loofahs & scrubs, this Vetiver natural scrubber is beneficial for skin health.
  • Vetiver root is traditionally known to have a cooling effect on the body, replenishes moisture in dry and dehydrated skin.
  • Its deodorizing natural aroma helps to keep your skin healthy and fresh day long.
  • This scrubber Loofah pad has a perfect palm size, with an elastic band on the fabric sponge side for a firm grip while scrubbing.
  • 100% Handmade by trained rural women


  • Wet your skin with a quick, warm, shower. Firmly hold the scrubber pad through the elastic band.
  • Use the scrub on wet skin or with soap or bath gel. Soak the scrubber pad for a while in the water before use to make it softer on your skin.
  • After use, rinse thoroughly with water and leave to dry naturally. Natural product ideally replaces the scrubber pad after 10-12 uses for hygiene reasons.

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