Oriental Botanics Neem Wood Comb

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Oriental Botanics Neem Wood Comb is handcrafted with love and is believed to inhibit dandruff and scalp disorders. The nourishing properties of Neem keep the scalp healthy and prevent hair fall. The Comb is specially handcrafted so that the points are not too sharp, and you can get an excellent stimulating effect as the comb teeth glide over your scalp. It gently massages the scalp and manages split-ends in the hair. As you comb, the natural oils from your scalp coat your hair shaft all the way down to the ends. Wooden combs help to distribute oil from your scalp to your hair. It is a good practice to comb more often, as this stimulates the scalp cells and keeps them hygienic. The product is eco-friendly and non-toxic.

Handcrafted from Neem wood, the Oriental Botanics Neem Wood Comb works wonders for your hair and scalp. This wide-tooth wooden comb help provide solutions to all your hair problems.

Neem has nourishing properties that help reduce dandruff and itchy scalp problems. It enhances circulation at the scalp, thus promoting natural hair growth.

The Neem Wood Comb is wide-toothed, which helps to detangle the hair effortlessly. It is enriched with the natural properties of Neem that helps sustain hair health and reduces hair fall.

With every stroke, the Comb helps to distribute oil from your scalp to your hair. The Neem Wood Comb has smooth edges that prevent any tugging and pulling. It is gentle on hair & scalp.

It is handcrafted and eco-friendly. The Neem Wood Comb is non-toxic and is not harsh on your scalp and hair. It helps keep your hair healthy & scalp hygienic.

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