PINQ Premium Nipple Cover Pasties - Pack of 10

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PINQ Story Premium Cotton Feel Nipple Cover. These covered are Ultra Slim, Breathable, Skin Coloured, Free size and Unisex. Must buy for nipple protection while wearing a light coloured shirt, off the shoulder, see-through dresses, bikini or low collar dresses. PINQ Story Nipple Covers are ultra-slim, breathable, skin coloured, unisex nipple patches. They are free sized and offer a premium cotton feel. These are a must-buy for nipple protection while wearing light coloured shirts, off shoulder clothing, see-through dresses, bikinis or low collar dresses.


  • Nipple covers that are designed to be worn under light coloured clothing
  • Breathable patches offer a comfortable premium cotton feel
  • Ultra-slim, skin-coloured patches that are totally discreet
  • Can be worn under off-shoulder clothing, see-through dresses, bikinis, etc.
  • Pack of 10 covers


  •  Clean chest and hands before use.
  • Tear off the protective film from the nipple cover.
  • Stick it on the nipple

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