The Beauty Co. Onion & Fenugreek Shampoo to Prevent Hair Fall - 300ml

Sale price₹ 399.00


Most of us know onions as just another root vegetable, which makes us teary-eyed when we peel them. However, we may not know the ways in which this humble vegetable can be a solution to significant scalp and hair concerns! Yes, and to clear your doubts, The Beauty Co. has come up with yet another amazing solution for your scalp and hair problems. The Beauty Co. Onion & Fenugreek Shampoo is the ultimate way to fight hair fall, baldness, dryness of scalp, dandruff, and other scalp infections. It unclogs the hair follicles and very effectively stimulates hair growth for long, voluminous hair. It helps to improve the overall strength and texture of hair and eliminate dry/split-ends. This onion shampoo for hair possesses natural conditioning properties that leave your hair soft, smooth, shiny, and swaying! 
  • Prevents infection on the scalp
  • Repairs damaged hair cuticles; strengthens hair
  • Minimizes hair fall & boosts regrowth
  • Renders soft, shiny, strong hair
  • Pour The Beauty Co. Onion & Fenugreek Shampoo on your palm and spread all over your wet scalp and hair.
  • Gently work up a rich lather to clean your scalp and hair of grime and impurities.
  • Massage the scalp with your fingers to clear the build-up and unclog the hair follicles.
  • Rinse thoroughly with water to give your hair perfect finesse with shine & bounce!

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