Orange Pure Aroma Essential Oil, 15ml

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Extracted from the rinds of Sweet Orange, the lively, sweet, & citrusy aroma of Pure Orange Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil will help refresh, revive, and purify your senses. Formulated without harmful chemicals, the oil helps soothe your skin and scalp to keep them healthy and young in the long run.

Let the fresh tangy aroma of St.Botanica Pure Orange Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil evoke a sense of joy and relief and calm your nerves at the same time. The essential oil makes for an ideal addition to your skin and hair care routine for its ability to restore your sluggish system. The product is derived from plant based ingredients and gives out a relaxing yet calming effect. Orange is known for its skin brightening properties, and St.Botanica brings the best of orange in the form of essential oil to ensure that you receive the pure care of orange. The oil is beneficial for your skin and hair both as it has soothing properties as well that can calm your senses.

Add a few drops of the essential oil to your regular creams and bathing water for better skin and a relaxed mind.

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