Organic B’s Babul Toothbrush Pack of 4 

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Organic B’s Babul Wood Organic Toothbrush. And It is one of the best natural instruments to brush your teeth every morning. Because of the natural properties of the woodwork as an anti-microbial so they break down and kill bacteria.

Organic Toothbrush is ready to clean the sidelines of your teeth clean. Babool is one such natural substitute that can help to maintain your oral health. And it also reduces the chances of oral infections. So it has a strong antimicrobial action. Which helps to prevent plaque formation on the surface of teeth. Since it reduces the formation of plaque. It also has an anti-cariogenic potential. It helps to reduce the incidence of dental caries or tooth cavities. And our organic toothbrush has a modern design that completes every bathroom design. Organic B’s Babul Wood Organic toothbrush is lighter and dry much faster than plastic toothbrushes. Which makes it convenient to carry everywhere you go.

Switching to an organic the help save the environment, especially the oceans, from being destroyed. Using an organic toothbrush is as effective as a manual plastic toothbrush. The difference is that handle is made from wood which is strong and biodegradable. And it has no negative impact on the planet. You don’t even need to use a recycling program to responsibly discard your old toothbrush. You can throw used babul wood organic toothbrushes in your backyard compost pile. Let’s make little changes in our lifestyle that can go a long way in caring for Mother Earth.


  • The ergonomic handle provides natural flex.
  • Bristles that polish away surface stains.
  • Soft bristles that are gentle on the enamel and gums.
  • BPA-free
  • 100% Babool Wood Handle.
  • Improves Oral Hygiene.
  • Recyclable Packaging.
  • A sleek, natural look and feel
  • Eco-friendly and biodegradable.

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