PINQ Pee-On-The-Go Bio Degradable & Eco-friendly Urination Funnels - 10 Pcs

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No Holding PEE no more in Public Places. Pinq  Pee-On-The-Go gives women the freedom to stand and pee and avoid dirty toilets, especially in public spaces while travelling, when pregnant or affected by arthritis. Now you can STAND AND PEE.


  • 10 female urination funnels
  • The product is made of Premium Laminated Waterproof Paper
  • Ideal to use for urinating in Public Toilets
  • They are Bio-Degradable & Environment Friendly
  • For single use only, dispose of after use
  • Easy to carry and dispose
  • Prevents UTI from public toilets


    • Unfold the funnel
    • Placed it near the vigina l area tilted towards the WC
    • Pee freely and relax
    • Dispose in the bin after use

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