Period Cramp Roll On + Intimate Care Wash for Women Combo

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This Ultimate kit helps you take care of your kitty cat with some gentle TLC. The Period Cramp Roll On provides relieve from those intense pangs of pain during your chums and the Intimate Wash keeps you clean & fresh, down there.

Period Cramp Roll On Period cramps? Say NO to pain killers. Instead, we have curated an innovative product,  Period Cramp Relief Roll-On that will help ease all your troubles and hassles. It provides a continuous and instant relief from muscle cramps during the bloody days!

Keeo Essentials Intimate Wash for Women is enriched with the cure-it-all Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) that gets rid of unpleasant odor down there and keeps you clean and fresh all day long! This foam based formula naturally balances your delicate skin's pH levels and is approved by gynaecologists It also protects you from STIs & infections.

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