Organic B Pocket Size Rosewood/Sheesham Wood Comb for Beard

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Organic B’s Rosewood/Sheesham wood comb for beard has many benefits over any other plastic comb. We designed it specifically to comb your beard which usually has thicker hair. This Sheesham wood comb has narrow teeth that carcasses your beard without any discomfort. Plastic and metal combs and brushes can accumulate static charges in your hair causing static and/or frizz. Static and frizz cause the hair strands to dry out and become brittle. On the other, if you use a wooden comb it prevents the static charges from accumulating on your hair and not just that.

When you comb your beard with a Sheesham wood comb the natural oils from the hair are equally distributed across the hair. This helps the hair from being free and bouncy. When you use a Sheesham wood comb to brush your beard, it presses against your face muscles and triggers the acupuncture points, and also gives a message to your cheeks. All this proves to be good for the overall blood circulation to your facial muscles and proves to be of great benefit for your beard.

Organic B’s Pocket Size Rosewood/Sheesham Wood Comb for beard (narrow) has great durability. It is very strong and since we made it out of Rosewood which is renewable so it doesn’t harm the environment like other plastic combs. The teeth rarely break and they are recyclable if they do ever get damaged.


  • Made from Indian Rosewood (Sheesham)
  • Narrow teeth to detangle coarse and thick beard hair
  • Rounded teeth edge to avoid hair damage and pain
  • Pocket-sized for everyday carry
  • Strong, sturdy, and durable
  • Handmade
  • Soft edges to prevent discomfort

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