PINQ Premium Polka Daily Panty Liners - 25 Pcs

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Exude freshness all day in ultra-slim pantyliners which guard the intimate area against bad odor, stickiness, and wetness from vaginal discharge.
Pantyliner has a premium cotton top sheet cover for extra comfort ALL DAY LONG and NO RASHES- 155 mm size is perfect for absorbing vaginal discharge and keeps you comfortable  

  • Pack of 25 Premium Cotton Feels Ultra-Slim Pantyliners (155 mm)
  • Thinnest liners in the market with quick absorption of discharge
  • Guards against spotting and stains during non-period days
  • Premium organic cotton-top sheet cover for extra comfort
  • Quick absorption of white vaginal discharge and stickiness
  • Natural fragrance with technology to block bad odor


  • Peel release paper and stick Pantyliner inside undergarment and press firmly

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