PINQ Premium Ultra Thin Polka Sanitary Pads (Regular) - 10 Pcs

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It is bold, playful, and makes you feel good while you are on your period. Polka brings you just the right affordable product range with premium cotton feel sanitary pads. Don't let the fear of rashes, itching & stains weigh you down! Combined with superior gel technology, pink polka (regular size) premium cotton feel ultra slim sanitary pads are perfect for women-on-the-go. Wider back & 5 way sticking mechanism provides extra comfort and keep leaks and stains at bay. Features- -10 premium cotton feel ultra slim sanitary pads -regular size (240 mm) fits in perfectly and ideal for regular flow. The wider back offers extra protection from leakage. Premium organic cotton top sheet provides utmost comfort, especially during long hours. It is super soft on the skin and ideal for sensitive skin. Superior gel technology locks the liquid faster providing a dry feel. Biodegradable and eco-friendly packaging


  • 10 Premium Cotton Feel Ultra Slim Sanitary Pads
  • Regular (240 mm) for regular flow
  • The wider back offers extra protection
  • The premium cotton top sheet provides a rash-free experience
  • Gel technology locks the liquid faster providing the dry feel


  • Peel release paper and stick Sanitary Pad inside undergarment and press firmly

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