Premium Shaving Brush With Extra Soft Bristles

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Man Arden Shaving Brush is designed to spruce you up with the finest and the most luxurious shaving experience. The high-quality shaving brush comes with super soft bristles made with synthetic fiber and a long-lasting resin handle. The shaving brush is an essential addition and a must-have for the modern man's grooming kit. The dense and extra soft bristles help working up a rich lather, further making the razor easy to glide over the skin, without causing bristles or irritation.

Abundant Rich Lather

For an effortless shaving experience, it is not only the quality of your shaving cream that matters but also your choice of shaving brush to maximize lather creation. The ultra-absorbent bristles of Man Arden shaving Brush absorb and retain more water so that you can whip more lather by using a smaller amount of shaving cream or gel.

Smooth & Comfortable

With proper care, this shaving brush is capable of lasting for years. The super-strong bristles of the brush retain their shape and do not wear-off easily. By maximizing the lather formation, it reduces the amount of shaving cream, and consequently reduce the overall shaving cost.

Superior Alternative to Natural Hair Brush

Man Arden Shaving Brush features the benefits of a natural hairbrush devoid of its disadvantages. The bristles of Man Arden Shaving Brush absorb water rapidly, just like natural hair brush to generate lather quickly and are as smooth as natural hair. Unlike the natural hair bristles, they do not fall-off or wear away fast. The bristles in the Man Arden Shaving Brush can not be damaged by insects and can tolerate both high and low water temperatures.


The ultra-soft synthetic bristles are better than the natural badger-hair brushes. They provide the same amount of luxurious shaving experience without harming animals.

Extra Soft Bristles- The bristles glide gently on the skin, efficiently distributing the cream and lather on the beard area, making it the ideal shaving brush even for sensitive & irritated skin.

Classy Design - A high-quality shaving brush with an aesthetically pleasing design for a luxurious shaving experience and well-groomed look.

Comfortable Grip- The resin handle gives a firmer grip to move the shaving brush with ease and quickly distribute lather on all parts of the beard area. The handle is durable and long-lasting.

Super-absorbent bristles - They absorb and hold more water than the bristles of the regular shaving brush to create an extra rich lather by consuming a smaller amount of shaving cream.

Improved Shelf Life- Less sensitive to daily wear and tear, the bristles are made with synthetic fibers that dry out fast and retain their original shape post-shaving. They cannot be damaged easily.

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