ACCOJE Protective Dust Screen Mist - Pack of 2

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ACCOJE Protective Dust Screen Mist is a fine dust shield mist that provides 'fine dust protection + moisturized + repairs' the skin, preventing the damage caused by urban pollution. This mist creates a triple protective barrier to block out fine dust. The triple protective technology provides thorough nourishment, defends against fine particles, and creates a hydration coating layer. It contains phytoncides (Jeju pine needles) which help defend the skin against external pollutants and help fatigued skin become clearer and hydrated. Jeju volcanic bedrock water is clean and acts as a filter to eliminate impurities and contains lots of minerals.


  • A shielding mist against dust:
    A dust-shielding mist that provides flawless protection against external pollutants in urban areas with three functions (dust protection, hydration, and fixer).
  • Dense and flawless triple protective barrier:
    Provides thorough nourishment, Defends against fine particles, Creates a hydration coating layer.
  • Phytoncides, a gift from the forests, calm sensitive skin:
    Jeju phytoncides (from Jeju pine needles) help defend the skin against external pollutants in addition to clarifying. moisturizing and soothing sensitive skin.
  • Dust adsorption prevention even after single use:
    Skin adsorption prevention effect shown using substitute fine dust in a dermatological test.


  • Jeju pine needle:
    Pine needle extracts contain quality protein  & vitamins.
  • Sasa palmata:
    Sasa palmata
  • Volcanic bedrock water Jeju water
    Volcanic bedrock water Jeju water is pure and clean.
  • Jeju green tea:
    Jeju green tea extracts have antimicrobial properties, helps with UV damage, redness, and irritation.


  • During basic skincare routine:
    Use it as the first step of routine to create a defensive barrier before applying makeup.
  • When applying makeup:
    Use it as the last step of the makeup routine or spritz it whenever your skin is feeling dry to create a defensive barrier and to hydrate the skin.

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