Purifying Green Apple Foaming Face wash 150ml

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Refreshing Green Apple Face wash is enriched with potent natural extracts which gently exfoliate & remove dirt, makeup, and daily impurities while maintaining your skin's natural moisture balance & nourishing the skin from within. It stimulates circulation, polishes and tightens pores, refines skin texture, and leaves skin feeling soft & luminous. 

Milk- It has lactic acid, vitamins A, D, E, and K, and protein. This makes milk a mild exfoliating and hydrating agent. Cold raw milk is a very good toner, especially for dry skin.


  • Formulated with 100% pure & herbal extracts of Green Apple, Cucumber, Melon & Milk
  • Hydrates cool softens and soothes the skin.
  • Reduces wrinkles & fine lines.
  • Protects the skin against the detrimental effects of UV radiation.
  • Reduces pigmentation and delays signs of aging.
  • Free from harmful chemicals, colorants & parabens.
  • Suitable for all skin types.


    • Green Apple: 
      They help in slowing down the aging process and enhance overall beauty. They also help in the proper nourishment of the skin and eliminate dark circles to a great extent.
    • Cucumber:
       It has the ability to reduce swelling and puffiness of the skin. It aids acne-prone skin and helps combat premature aging. Soothes irritation and provides a base for hydration.
    • Musk Melon:
      Helps in skin regeneration and delays premature aging.


    • Apply the cleanser to your face by rubbing hands along your entire face.
    • Rub the cleanser gently into your skin in a circular motion with your fingertips.
    • Wash off the cleanser by splashing water onto your face.
    • Pat dry with a towel

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