Oriental Botanics Rivayat Ubtan Face Cream,50 gm

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Get a gleaming glow with Oriental Botanics Rivayat Ubtan Face Cream. The ubtan face cream is enriched with potent natural ingredients and is a secret formulation that helps to get beautiful, bright, and glowing skin. It is infused with a luxurious blend of herbal ingredients that have coolant properties helping in soothing and calming the skin. They remove layers of dead skin, thus, in turn, giving a soft and supple skin. It is very useful in keeping the skin off acne, spots, and pimples due to the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of its ingredients. Infused with skin-lightening elements, the Ubtan Face Cream revives and restores the natural complexion. Ubtan is a traditional and age-old recipe, which is effective in skin smoothening. It has turmeric powder that helps delay wrinkles and fine lines. The rose water helps clear the skin and makes it bright as well as radiant. It also contains saffron, which is a trusted traditional ingredient that adds a natural glow.

  • Ubtan is also a gentle exfoliator, filled with lots of skin revitalizing ingredients. It helps in removing excess skin tan, gradually improving the overall skin texture. The added richness of saffron will help in getting a brighter and lighter skin tone.
  • The face cream softens and smoothes while effectively moisturizing the skin. The various herbal ingredients work together to yield healthy and fresh skin. Ubtan has ingredients such as chickpea flour, saffron, and turmeric, which help detoxify the skin.
  • With potent botanical ingredients, the ubtan face cream provides everything that your skin requires. It is hydrating, nourishing, and moisturizing, helping to renew the skin cells and give a natural glow.
  • The face cream contains turmeric, which is a healing and anti-inflammatory agent, helping with clearing out skin pigmentation and improving skin tone. It has a unique formulation that restores natural beauty.
  • The formulation will provide a visibly bright complexion with gentle ingredients and do not contain any harsh chemicals. The ubtan cream is rich in antioxidants that are sourced from herbal components, which are free from toxins.

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