Rose And Curcumin Face Wash (Ayurvedic Name:- Zarvari)

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Face Wash is  important for everyone for health and beauty reasons. Your face is the first thing people notice – so you want it to look its best. You also want to use  products that are natural and organic. That’s why we created a Rose face wash with Curcumin that cleanses and cares for your skin. There’s nothing better than a refreshing, revitalizing cleanser to wake us up, and a relaxing, luxuriously thorough routine before bed. Whatever your skin needs, whether you want a face wash for oily skin or to remove make-up, we know one thing: once you try our Face Wash and  you won’t go back to anything else.


  • Rose
    Balances skin’s pH, controls excess sebum, and helps in fighting eczema.
  • Curcumin
    Helps in reducing inflammation.
  • Neem
    Magical herb that reduces fine lines and other signs of ageing due to its antibacterial properties.

Use small amount on wet skin,massage well till the lather works up. Rinse well with water and pat dry.

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