Sirona Ultra-Thin Small Panty Liners - 60 Counts (S)

Sale price₹ 249.00


Lighter than pads, panty liners help you stay fresh longer. These provide protection from uneasy wet feeling due to urine incontinence, white discharge, vaginal perspiration, period spotting, and Irregular menstrual cycle. These can also be used to catch spotting when you are anticipating the start of your period or during the light flow days to protect your clothes from spotting. Panty liners also act as an extra layer of protection if you are using tampons or menstrual cups for the first time.

  • Soft & breathable surface
  • Quick absorption
  • Ultra-thin


  • Peel off the adhesive strip
  • Paste it on the inside of the panty.
  • Changes as required

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