Skin Boosting Vitamins Shot Face Serum, 30ml

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Give your dull, stressed and damaged skin intense nourishment so that it could maintain its youthful texture and radiant tone with vitamins rich Man Arden Vitamins Shot Face Serum. Exposure to environmental stressors as well as the natural aging process depletes the skin’s reserve of essential vitamins. As a result your skin starts losing its elasticity and radiance. Topical vitamins are capable of rapidly restoring the skin’s nutrient reserve, thereby stimulating the process of healthy cell renewal. The facial serum rapidly penetrates the skin and delivers the key nutrients to induce the normal skin tissue repair and development process.

Vitamins C for Clearer Complexion

Vitamin C plays an important role in controlling melanin synthesis. It reduces overproduction of melanin, thereby protecting the skin from dark spots and hyper pigmentation. Its natural skin brightening property helps in giving clear, even skin tone.

Vitamins A & E for Younger-Looking Skin

Vitamin E along with vitamin C helps in strengthening the antioxidant defense of the skin. They protect the skin from oxidative stress that damages collagen and accelerates skin aging. Vitamin E helps in minimizing loss of skin elasticity and helps in slowing down wrinkling of the skin. Vitamin A is another potent anti-aging vitamin. It promotes healthy renewal of the skin and reduces collagen degradation.

Vitamin B3 for Smooth Hydrated Skin

Vitamin B3 helps in boosting the skin's moisture retention capacity. By minimizing moisture loss, it helps in keeping the surface of the skin hydrated and smooth and makes fine lines and wrinkles less noticeable.

Plant Extracts for Healthy Skin

The benefits of vitamin enriched face serum is enhanced significantly with the inclusion of extracts of calendula, orange, lemon, grapefruit, panax ginseng, gotu kola and green tea in the serum.

For instant skin nourishment. Protects, detoxifies, rebuilds and repairs damaged skin. Helps restore healthy, radiant, smooth looking skin.

Defends skin from harsh weather elements and pollution. Helps minimize damage caused by oxidative stress .

Provides Essential Vitamins, Oils Required for perfect skin radiance and free radical protection.

Helps rebuild skin tissues and supports repair and renewal of skin cells. Helps reduce dark spots, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles.

Contains vitamins A, B3, C and E and carefully selected botanical extracts for advanced skin care.

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