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Are you still using a Chemical Based Deodorant that can Harm your Skin? With a rich, intense mix of sweet, spicy, smooth, floral, woody, amber and musk, the Oudh Zero Toxin Natural Deodorant Spray comes from the range of India’s first and only zero toxin deodorant sprays by Super Smelly, which has been certified ‘100% Toxin Free’ and ‘Made Safe’ by Safe Cosmetics Australia. This Super Smelly Premium Perfume Deo for Men and Women is free from paraben, aluminium, zinc, polyethene glycol, DEA/TEA, triclosan, phthalates and all that other harmful stuff. It is as gentle on your skin as it is a treat for your senses. This vegan deodorant contains Witch Hazel, an extract of the North American Witch Hazel tree and acts as a natural astringent, skin lightener with the dual ability to kill bacteria and rid skin of trapped moisture and oils. Tea Tree Oil’s antibacterial properties help control underarm odour caused by perspiration and have proven to be an excellent cure for darkened underarms. Aloe Vera, with its natural antibacterial and antiseptic properties, helps replenish, heal and soothe underarm skin. A perfect blend for the perfect deodorant spray that comes to your rescue any time you want to smell great and fresh. And since we love our planet, we’ve kicked out CFC and the cans can be recycled.

Moreover, we’ve never tested on animals and have no intention of ever doing so. Don’t you just love us?

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