Super Smelly Hurricane & Bratt Deo | 100% Toxin Free & Long Lasting Deodorant Spray

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Enjoy the two awesome Deo's in one combo – the Spicy, Citrus fragrance of Bratt Deo & the strong Musk, Woody fragrance of Hurricane Deo. An alluring strong musk & woody fragrance for all-day freshness.
Keeps the icky sticky feeling at bay & does not leave marks on clothes. Suitable for adolescent and sensitive skin, this deodorant is gentle for all skin types.
With a deodorant made with the goodness of nature, you can finally say goodbye to Parabens, Aluminium, and Triclosans and no more stinging, rashes, or darkening of the skin.
IFRA certified fragrances, certified ‘100% Toxin-Free’ & ‘Made Safe’ by Safe Cosmetics Australia, vegan, cruelty-free & recyclable packaging.

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