PINQ Premium Cotton Feel Disposable Underarm Ultra Thin Sweat Pads - 14 Pcs

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PINQ Story  Premium Cotton Feel Disposable Underarm Sweat Pads especially to keep you fresh all day long. These pads are ultra-slim to make you feel comfortable all day long. It helps to make you feel dry during LONG WORKING HOURS AND SPECIALLY WHEN YOU SWEAT and absorb HIGH PERSPIRATION Makes the pads IRRITATION FREE and brings EXTRA COMFORT. It PROLONGS garment life and also helps clothes from SWEAT STAINS. Can be used by both MALES & FEMALES. It keeps the pad intact all day Keeps you ODOUR FREE All Day Long. Suitable for Outdoors, Travelling, and Business Meetings. Suitable for people suffering from HYPERHIDROSIS. One Size Fits All

  • Pack of 14 premium cotton-feel ultra-slim pads
  • Express dry technology to absorb sweat
  • Breathable with superior sticking
  • Odour free


  • Remove the adhesive peel-off strip from the pad.
  • Stick pad to the inside of clothing over the underarm seam.

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