Ustraa Tattoo Cologne - Premium Perfume for Men - 100ml

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Loaded with 3x more fragrances than a deodorant, this cologne is for the men who dare to push the boundaries, the ones who are different and comfortable in their own skin. With a rare mix of spices like ginger and pepper with woody notes and a citrus blast on top, this fragrance will stay unique like your tattoo.


  • Relationships Change, Tattoo is Forever.
    Strong, edgy, and long-lasting fragrance that leaves behind an intense trail.

  • Cologne Spray for Men
    Deodorants are for body odor. When you have to smell good, this cologne is what you need.

  • Nothing Lasts Longer Than a Tattoo.
    100ml of intense fragrance for the men who dare.


  • Hold the bottle 5-7 cms away from your skin.
  • Spray gently on your body. Use it on your pulse points like wrists, neck.
  • It can also be sprayed on your clothes.

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