DoYou The Cool Club - Oil-Free Moisturiser + Mint Plumping Lip Serum - Combo of 2

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If you're a part of the cool gang, we've got just the right chillers for you — the DoYou Oil-Free Moisturiser delivers an instant cooling sensation and the DoYou Mint Plumping Lip Serum which is basically a minty chill pill for your pout.


  • DoYou Oil-Free Moisturiser - 50ml
    Provides all-around protection from daily skin stressors AND lightweight hydration that feels like a second skin.
    Gel, the water-based formula gets tired skin to literally cool down in a jiffy.

  • DoYou Mint Plumping Lip Serum - 10ml
    Instantly improves blood circulation to the lips, followed by a cool, tingling sensation leading to a high-glam pout.
    The lightweight, non-sticky formula moisturizes chapped lips and strengthens the protective barrier.

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