PINQ Those Days Box - 12 Pcs

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PINQ provides premium quality hygiene essentials for Women-on-the-Go. It comes packed in easy-to-carry pocket-sized disposable pouches in trendy designed reusable boxes.
PINQ Thoe Days Box caters to the period days giving an option to choose from different pad sizes for “Heavy Flow Days” and “Light Flow Days”.


  • Available in XL (300 mm) and XXL (330 mm)
  • XL and XXL sanitary pads come with 4 wings – 2 front and 2 back
  • Wider back for extra protection from stains and discomfort
  • Rash-free experience with premium cotton-top sheet
  • Gel technology for faster absorption
  • Ultra-slim pads and durable for long hours.


  • Peel release paper from the back
  • Stick Pantyliner inside undergarment. Press firmly.

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