Oriental Botanics Rivayat Ubtan Foaming Face Wash, 120 ml

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Oriental Botanics Rivayat Ubtan Foaming Face Wash deeply cleanses dull and lifeless skin, revealing a clear & radiant complexion underneath. It is a skin-reviving Face Wash that helps to refresh tanned, tired skin by gently removing the layer of dead skin cells. It is enriched with Saffron, Rose, & Turmeric extract that helps reveal a glowing complexion while protecting the skin from free radical damage. The Face Wash helps to exfoliate the skin gently and clears out the pores. It helps to even out the complexion, improve skin tone and hydration levels in the skin. This nourishing Face Wash is also infused with Nagkesar, Daruhaldi, Neem, Amla, Tulsi, Rose, and Multani Mitti. It is a pH-balanced formula that gently takes care of your skin and does not contain any harmful chemicals like SLES/ SLES, Parabens, or Phthalates.


  • It deep cleanses the skin and helps to slough off the dead skin layer. The botanical actives help repair and restore damaged skin.
  • The Face Wash has powerful antioxidants & nourishing ingredients that boost skin radiance. It helps to reduce spots and patchy skin tone.
  • The rich ingredients help clear away dirt and pollutants from the skin, which helps the skin to absorb beneficial actives from moisturizers better.


  • Turmeric The Face Wash contains Turmeric, which helps protect the skin from damage and works as a natural antioxidant.
  • Saffron: It helps soothe acne-prone skin. The enriching properties of Saffron help in diminishing blemishes & dark spots.
  • Rose: Rose extract helps maintain the skin's pH balance and controls excess oil. It also helps remove redness & inflammation.

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