Vitamin C, E & Hyaluronic Acid Age Defying & Skin Clearing Moisturizer With SPF 30, 50ml

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StBotanica Age Defying & Skin Clearing Moisturizer combines intense hydration with superior skin nourishment that helps to enhance your facial skin's luminosity. It is a fusion of vitamins essential for preserving healthy clear skin and natural ingredients including plant oils extracted through the cold-pressed technique and plant extracts. The different constituents of the moisturizer work synergistically, revitalizing and restoring the youthful texture of the skin.

Age Defying & Skin Clearing Effect of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a versatile skin nutrient. When used topically, it controls melanin synthesis, thereby helping in fading dark spots and pigmentation and brightening complexion. As a potent antioxidant, apart from protecting the skin from photoaging, it boosts availability of vitamin E and other antioxidants in the skin cells.

Antioxidant Power of Vitamin E

The scavenging activities of the reactive oxygen species generated in the skin following prolonged sun exposure are easily thwarted by vitamin E.

Hyaluronic Acid for Supple Skin

Higher hyaluronic acid content in the skin helps avert wrinkling of the skin and restores the youthful suppleness.

Natural Oils for Hydration

Multiple natural oils are combined in the moisturizer. It contains grape seed oil, avocado oil, golden jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, olive oil and coconut oil. These natural emollients are rich in important fatty acids and nutrients that are known to work wonders for the skin.

Botanical Extracts for Healthy Glow

Give your face a touch of nature by pampering it with moisturizer enriched with precious plant extracts. Cucumber soothes the skin. Licorice helps brighten complexion. Lemon helps reduce dark spots and blemishes. Green tea fights signs of aging. Also Try Vitamin C Serum Range.

Infused with vitamin e, the powerful natural antioxidant, the StBotanica moisturizer protects the skin from free radicals that damage the skin. Natural emollients work synergistically with the antioxidants in fighting skin aging

Built-in broad spectrum sun protection protects the skin from photoaging. For gorgeous radiant younger-looking face, use the StBotanica moisturizer daily. Also try vitamin c serums range

Only StBotanica uses the most stable and effective form of vitamin c in this product i.e '3-o-ethyl ascorbic acid' which makes it stand out amongst all other

Vitamin c works as natural skin brightening agent. It helps fade dark spots and blemishes, and gives a more even skin tone

 Provides intense hydration without making the skin greasy. Vitamins b5, c e and hyaluronic acid work in tandem with cold-pressed natural oils to strengthen the skin moisture barrier. Skin feels soft and hydrated throughout the day

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