The Beauty Co Vitamin E Cuticle Oil for Nails - 15ml

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There are innumerable reasons for our eyes and the skin around it to feel tired and exhausted; lengthy working hours, staring at the laptop/mobile screen, late-night socializing, insufficient sleep, and stress. All these, together, take a toll and immediately show around the eyes. No wonder dark circles and under-eye bags show up earlier than expected. But, The Beauty Co. always gives you the Care You Deserve! We have up with Under Eye Gel to soothe the sensitive skin around your eyes and disappear those dark circles that bother you. Infused with natural ingredients, the Under Eye Gel is intensely hydrating and nourishing at the same time. It reduces puffiness of eyes, lightens dark circles, tightens saggy skin, minimizes visible signs of aging, rejuvenates exhausted eyes, and provides intensive care for under-eye skin.

  • Rejuvenates & brightens under-eye skin
  • Reduces puffiness & lightens dark circles
  • Minimizes wrinkles, fine lines & crows’ feet
  • Nourishes & tightens the delicate skin around the eyes


  • Vitamin E Oil
  • Take a few drops of The Beauty Co. Vitamin E Cuticle Oil.
  • Apply it evenly on all the cuticles – hands & toes, and around the nail area.
  • Massage it gently to increase blood circulation, soften cuticles & stimulate nail growth.
  • Use it regularly to flaunt healthy cuticles with longer, stronger, shinier nails.

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